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Wakesurf Shaper on a budget.

Wake Shaper, Wedge, Surf Tab. What ever you want to call it. Is it worth the $200-$300 dollar price tag? YES and NO. Personally I spent years surfing with out such devices. When a friend told me about the device, I was quick to check it out. Then like most of you, I wondered would this thing really work? Although intrigued, I could not justify spending the high dollar price tag. After looking at how basic of a design it was I set off to make my own.

My first prototype was made out of cardboard, duct tape, fiberglass and Velcro. I Made a full enclosed box and it was modeled after the Ronix Wakesurf Shaper. It did look ghetto, took about a week to make, but it was only a prototype. After attaching the Velcro to the side of the boat and sticking it on, it was a sudden success. The difference was huge. What it did to the wake was, cleaned up all the white water and made it possible for us to switch between goofy and regular riders in just a few seconds of switching the side of the Wedge. Besides cleaning up the wave it also made for a little bigger pocket and made it possible to start pulling 360’s as well as the ability to fill the boat evenly and drive in a straight line.

After the success of the first prototype, I sought out to make another. This time I used plywood and a suction cup. I sealed the plywood with fiberglass resin, cut holes for the Suction cup to fit through, and it was shaped like a hollow “V”. This still took a lot of time to make but it looked cleaner, got rid of the ugly Velcro on the side of the boat, and the results were the same, AMAZING.

We used this Wedge for a little bit but found it would not attach to some hulls due to the shape. Back to the drawing board as I set out to make another. This time I had some scrap Marine Plywood (StarBoard) lying around so I just had to order a suction cup and some hardware. This new design was the way to go. Not only did it look better, take up less room in the boat, but it was fast, easy, and cheap to make. It took me maybe an hour to pull it all together and cost me about $20. 1/4 “ Marine Ply Wood, Duel Glass Suction Cup, and Stainless steel Hardware was all it took. A lot of people are surprised that the suction cup will hold the Wedge on. First I used a Harbor Freight suction cup and it was not quite strong enough. If you are going to make one order one from Amazon with a rating of 200lb. They are running about $13. Below is the parts list.

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