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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

We are building a community within the area and beyond of water sports enthusiast who enjoy Wake boarding, Water skiing, and Wake surfing. The greatest thing about the Truckee area is we have many lakes within a 15min drive. Growing up boating I remember our closest lake was about 45min away so it was a big deal when we would go out, and we would leave early in the morning and stay all day in order to make the trip worth it. This is not the case in the Truckee area and boating does not have to be an all day event. We make it easy for you to enjoy what you like doing. We take all the hassle out of boating. No longer do you need to worry about cleaning, boat storage, boat payments, insurance, fueling, getting the boat ready, maintenance, gear, driving, launching and all the other headaches that can come with boating. Join us and do what matters most spending time on the water and doing the sports you love. Leave straight from work, meet us at the lake and session for a couple hours before going home and calling it a day. Come out for a pull in the morning before starting your day of activities. Come out mid day for a couple hours with the family before or after soccer practice. It's amazing to see how water sports transfers over in the winter to help all the athletes with skiing and snowboarding. Truckee Wake And Ski is a unique program for a unique community.

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